Dayz is focused on the aspect of network survivalowym FPS game, where the action takes place in a world where most of the population turned into bloodthirsty zombies. This is a continuation of the wildly popular commercial fashion for ArmA II. The game takes us to Chernarussian, or large at 225 square kilometers of post-communist country. The action begins some time after the zombie outbreak that has transformed the majority of humanity into bloodthirsty zombies. Fun starts with the creation of a hero. The player character Dayz stored on the main server, so regardless of the server, always start the game in a place where we finished last time. The aim of the players is to survive as long as possible, at the same time gaining the best possible equipment. Every day we deal with different challenges, including hunger and cold. Voltage during the game reinforces the fact that if you die, you lose all the gains and we have to start from scratch. Due to the nature of their network and to settle on a military simulation game engine offers a completely different approach to the subject than most contemporary production with living corpses. Zombies here are just one of many threats, and the largest are really strangers. At the same time, however, experience alone is extremely difficult. The result is that despite the dangers we have to look for allies. We never have, however, no guarantee that new friend will not shoot us in the back later.

Here you have link to rar archive, where you will find Arma II + DAYZ.

How to instal:

1.  Download rar archive

2. Unpack all from “Arma II + DayZ 100% working.”

3. Burn the image “Arma II + DayZ Install” and install it,  (dont click to select “run after installation”) and install DayZ  addition.

5.  Copy “DayZ Launcher” from Crack folder to folder when you install DayZ.

6. Run the game from DayZ Launcher. Enjoy the game. 🙂



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